Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fronts, Strips, and Beats

Today we met at the corner of Tate St. and Walker Ave. This is the spot at which the campus seems to meet the rest of the surrounding area, and can be considered a 'front.' It is ever changing as people come and go, and with slight changes on the scenery, such as the store fronts. The Brown building, which is the old music building, is built similarly to Foust Hall and faces onto Tate St. This is part of UNCG's front on this side of campus.

This part of Tate Street can also be considered a 'strip' and has many places of attraction for both students and local residents alike. There are many small, unique shops along the road, as well as a variety of restaurants to choose from. This strip was probably added as the campus moved outward from an earlier one, such as College Avenue, or a a natural strip in the past.

The campus itself has many different beats, in respect to the surrounding area, as a campus as a whole, as well as within individual buildings. There is a beat as students move in predictable patterns across campus, in and out of classes, and a large one at the Caf. There are beats within the buildings, such as the concentric circular patterns in the tile floors of the music building.

Each student and structure has the ability to create its own building within the beat of the school. We each have our own typical patterns of travel, which may differ slightly from time to time, but are ultimately aimed toward the same goals. We are able to change the 'fronts' and 'strips' according to our behavior and decisions about what to do and where to go. This is what makes each place unique, and helps to distinguish a campus like ours from any other that may seem similar.

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