Monday, August 31, 2009

Foust Hall

Foust Hall has the ability to show a glimpse of the early years of UNCG. This building is the last from the original buildings of the campus, and reflects the older style of that time. Although the main route for students nowadays is Campus Ave. the buildings large front is pointed towards a small, one-way street that we can guess used to be a more frequented use for the school, and also towards Spring Garden St. just beyond the small lawn.

This building was designed to look even taller than it actually is, and appears fairly large and imposing right away. The three story structure also has a high, steep-angled roof that shows there is even more room above the third floor, although we can only guess at what it conceals. The windows are very tall and elongated, unlike the small, square ones many modern buildings have today. The rooms also tend to have multiple, large windows instead of just one, which may make the viewer believe there are more rooms in the building than actually exist. The front entrance of the building juts out in front of the side wings. There is also a large balcony on the second story, which makes it look very imposing.

The attention to detail on Foust Hall is very unlike many other buildings on campus. It is mainly made of brick, with inlaid designs, and breaks between floors. There is also rough concrete by the front entrance, which is put in in different patterns to add to the appeal of the structure. There are also no wires on the exterior of the building, showing that it was designed with a lot of underground infrastructure and was planned out very well before construction to make everything seem very neat and tidy, especially on the outside.

As out of place as this building seems to the other buildings on campus today, when put into the context of the past, it fit in fairly well. The other buildings of the school at the time of construction were very similar to Foust, and I for one believe it is a shame that more of them have not been preserved, as this particular one is very nice to look at compared to some of the new modern-style structures that were constructed more recently.

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  1. great writing, sara. make sure that you are using this digital space to tell all your readers about what YOU are thinking. i believe you've achieved a description of WHAT we saw and did as a class...but i wonder what that left you thinking about in the end.