Friday, September 11, 2009

Assessing Values

The Quad
This part of campus has managed to seclude itself from the rest of the school by bordering itself by 8 buildings to create 4 sides to enclose a central green. This inner area is criss-crossed by concrete walkways to enable travel in any direction, and also sometimes have messages painted on them. This area was constructed symmetrically, and the building styles are identical on both sides. The Quad section of campus houses only upperclassmen and Greeks, not freshman. By controlling the occupants it has created its own district within the campus, almost a city within a city. The Quad is not as newly renovated as some of the other residence halls. There is no air conditioning and many fans can be seen through the outer windows in passing. The main value of this section is to the residents who live there. It gives them a unique area to themselves that allows for a bit of separation from the rest of campus, while still being located very close to mainstream areas such as the fountain, Caf, EUC, and library.
Business Administration Building (Bryan School)

The Bryan building was probably built in the most recent time period, the 90’s and after. It is not placed orthogonal to the surrounding buildings and has a very different feel than most other structures on campus. The structure and placement remind one somewhat of Eberhart. This building has similar materials to many others, being the same red brick. Aside from that it is very unique, and has a very odd shape. Navigation inside is somewhat like being in a maze, and can be confusing at times. This building is aimed to stand out slightly in contrast to surrounding structures. It houses the Bryan School of Business and seeks to make that known by standing askew to everything around it.
Gatewood Building

The Gatewood Building is home to the Art and Interior Architecture programs of UNCG. It’s unique structure is intended to set it apart from the rest of campus as well. The lights are kept on 24/7 and at night the translucent ceiling allows it to ‘glow’ and attract attention. The beauty of this building allows it to see itself as the “jewel” in the UNCG crown. This building values art and design, which it readily displays for all to see, both on the inside and the outside. The design of the structure itself is valuable to the students who study there, and are able to appreciate as much, if not more so, than the other residents of the school.

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