Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Elliott University Center
The center point of the EUC seems to be the circular drum in the front of the building. The patterns around the wall are symmetrical in design so that each part of the room seems to be equal in importance. There are lights at the top of the drum shape shining down to the floor below. These help illuminate the area making it welcoming and allowing visitors to see all that is going on around them in the EUC. The food court and bookstore flank the entrance on either side. Leading away from it is the hallway that leads down to the information desk at the back, the Auditorium on the left, and many other meeting rooms to the right. The main hallway is the sight for many activities and information groups. This one single part of the EUC is the path followed to all the other parts of the building.

Jackson Library
Although the area itself seems somewhat barren and unimportant on its own, the very middle of the main hallway in the library seems to be the 'center' to me. It is in the very middle of everything that is important, and everything around it is visible. From this point one can see the checkout desk, the express computers, the entrance to the Super Lab, and each entrance to the building, one at either end. There are larger open areas on either side. From this vantage point a person is able to locate every point in the building that they can go to, and decide where to go.

The Caf
The staircase leading up to the main eating area is the 'center' of the Caf. There are doors all around you at the bottom of the stairs, each leading somewhere. To the left is the tunnel, which exits at the rear of the building onto College Ave. The door to the right leads out the front entrance, and the main foyer, where the mail center and Spartan Market are located. This is also a popular location for information tables and Greek system recruiting. Just outside the entrance is the fountain, which is a very population for student gathering and campus events. At the top of the stairs is the main dining hall for students. Many campus residents use this multiple times daily and it is also a great location to meet with friends and get to know new people. All of the important surrounding locations make the staircase of the Caf the 'center' of this particular building.

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  1. do your best to move beyond more descriptive passages to more analytical ones. what do the various characteristics and features you describe mean?

    i don't see your assessment on values.