Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Re-Purpose and Re-Use

As the many areas in Greensboro are changing from industrial to residential, such as the Wafco Mill complex being converted to 28 condominium units, I feel that there are other possible uses for the industrial properties. Instead of more low-class living spaces, I feel that theses properties should be transformed into spaces that can help accommodate the nearby college students. There is such a high density of colleges and universities in Greensboro that I believe theses spaces should be geared for students.

Since these spaces are all within walking distance of UNCG they could be used for small restaurants, creative performance centers, and swimming pools. Restaurants that are not fast food and serve healthy meals do not seem to be in great abundance within walking distance of the school. These would be attractive to families visiting colleges, and also offer many job opportunities to students. Underclassmen might benefit from just being able to earn some money as servers, while business students could gain valuable experience helping with a more managerial job at a restaurant. If the colleges worked with these businesses to help set them up with good employees, this would be mutually beneficial to both students and businesses.

Creative performance centers would be helpful to the theatre and music majors in the colleges. They would allow for free expression for anyone looking for a way to independently share their thoughts. It would be a great place to practice performances that might need to be shown in class, or simply to become more comfortable doing a certain kind of performance. It could also be a place that other students could go for some entertainment in the evenings.

The large industrial buildings could be renovated to contain indoor swimming pools. This could be a place that both students as well as local families could go to relax and exercise. While the HHP does contain a pool, it is often closed because of classes, and is only a lap pool. An alternative place to swim and let out some energy would be great. Pools are a great source for exercise, especially as they help to use many muscles that are hard to exercise by other means, and swimming does not put any extra stress on joints the ways other exercise can. There is no concussion which can cause problems later on. A swimming pool would be a profitable business in this area, that does not currently exist.

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