Thursday, September 3, 2009

Campus Wrap-Up

Pictured is my view of the campus as I navigate it daily. It may not be the typical view of all other UNCG students, but it's what I feel about the school. My main district is is dorm, Moore Strong, with my own individual beat inside. The dorm's turf is the surrounding grass outside. There is both a strip and a beat along Gray Drive, which is where I walk to my car and all my classes every day. It is the main route for me to anywhere else I want to go.

My main vantage is at the Fountain, where I can see a lot of the comings and goings of fellow students. There is also the surrounding turf of the steps, the unique beat of the the Caf, and the district inside the dining hall building. The fix nearby is the Quad because every element of that section of dormitories is built with linear perspective. The wooded area by North Drive is a sink to me, as it is a place that nobody ever seems to venture into, and it is nobody's turf. The closest stacks are the Rock and Clock Tower. They stack many memories for the entire student population.
The fronts I consider are similar to the rest of the school, by the surrounding roads. They include Tate St, Aycock St, Market St, and Spring Garden St. Tate St and College Ave also serve as strips to the students.

Although my views may be different than others', I make my own paths and go where I choose. This is how I view the campus, and what different features mean to me.


  1. thoughtful analysis and explanation. very solid work, sara. thanks for your conscientious and consistent behavior in blog postings.

  2. since you're doing so well on the postings, consider a more complete approach to labels so that (when all this is over) you can make the best use of your postings.