Friday, September 4, 2009


The Rock is at a fairly central point of the campus, in between the Jackson Library and the Fountain and Caf. This could be considered a centrality fix in a way because of its location. Aside from placement, the Rock itself is a stack. There are layers upon layers of paint from years' worth of messages. It holds memories for many students, including me. If you look closely at the picture my initials are painted on the Rock from my first evening living on campus. The different layers all hold memories for one person or another, and they are stacked upon each other in a single location.


  1. an interesting observation as a stack...but do you think that the layers on the rock are meaningless and ignored, as clay characterizes in his book?

  2. The layers underneath are ignored because they are old and nobody sees them anymore. The Rock is exciting at first, or anytime a person actually gets to paint it themselves, but most of the time it pretty much blends in and is somewhat unimportant. I don't notice it much as I walk past, maybe others do, but it does not have much meaning to me.