Monday, September 28, 2009

Side Streets and Back Alleys

The side streets coming off off the busier roads, such as Tate and Mendenhall, almost seem to try to hide themselves. Few of the houses stand out in a different style than the typical Queen Anne and Craftsman/Bungalow styles. The streets themselves are not very welcoming to thru traffic, some of which are one-way and can make navigation very confusing. The back alleys consist of a different base, many of which are simply gravel instead of asphalt like the main roads. They contain grates leading down to a sewage system, as well as sinks, stacks, and garbage cans. None of these features are intending to draw too much attention to the area. It is excluding to outsiders in many areas by way of many fences. These fences create edges and fronts to different sections of the side street district hidden behind the more people-friendly section of Tate Street. The fences cut off back alleys part way through and have signs posted warning against parking violations and tow-in areas. All of these features show the value of remaining inconspicuous to the inhabitants of these side streets and alleyways.

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