Monday, September 28, 2009

College Hill

College Hill

Many of the houses in this neighborhood follow two main designs. Most are three stories tall, with few windows on the top floor and the first two stories being fairly large. The other main type was a one-story building with an attic. Every house in this area had some type of front porch. Valuable to this section must be some sense of uniformity, and a desire to fit in, as well as the ability to communicate with the street. Many of the porches had some type of furniture on them showing that they were used to sit outside and have of a view of the street just out front.

Typically the house had wood siding, lights in the front doors, and no shutters. This kind of material was probably fairly typical of the time period when these houses were built, and very cost effective. Vinyl siding is fairly new, and was probably not in style much at the time of construction. There was only one exception along the whole street concerning the shutters on the front. In the first section, about half had a single mailbox, while others had either none, or multiple boxes. Moving further away from town, there were more houses with a single mailbox. This shows that multiple occupancy houses are valued higher closer to campus, where students might be able to rent out a place to live while attending UNCG.


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