Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tracing the Tracks: Opening the Gates

The train originally helped to bring industry for the first time to the Greensboro area. This helped the area develop quickly, since the train was the fastest way at the time to move large amounts of materials and people directly into the city. The train continued to fuel the industries in the area as time went on, as it was easy to bring in raw materials and send out the finished products to many areas quickly. Presently there is less need for the train for industrial purposes so a few of the branching out tracks are no longer in use and the main train station was moved to be closer to town so that people could get to the trains more easily. Now the trains are a very easy way to move from one place to another within North Carolina, and from there anywhere in the country if a person so desires.

The interstates that run through Guilford County, such as I40 and I85 are also easy ways to enter the area and are also Gates to the city. Aside from ground transportation, Piedmont Triad International Airport provides air transportation to many different places and is very close by.
Location listing; Atlanta, Charlotte, La Guardia, Philadelphia, Chicago, Newark, Wash. Dulles (IAD), Cincinnati, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Wash. National (DCA), Orlando Sanford, St. Pete/Clearwater, Memphis, and Miami.

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