Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Food for Thought"

Wednesday, October 14. Food for Thought
This week's talk was about studying abroad in Peru. There was also a brief venture on the speaker's trip to Chile, but her study abroad experience was in Peru. She discussed the accommodations she had, the university where she studied, and some of the experiences she had in a foreign country. Some of the places she visited were very interesting, including Incan ruins and local towns. The people she got to meet influenced her in many ways, and she got to interact with students not only from Peru, but also from many other countries. Their common language was Spanish, and being thrown into an environment with very little English helped improve her foreign language greatly.

There was also some discussion of how affordable and entirely attainable a study abroad experience is for any student who wishes to go. I myself would be interested in going to South America, especially since my foreign language from high school is Spanish. I may be looking more at Argentina though, and maybe make a trip to see some Argentinean polo ponies.

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