Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back to the Center

Elm St and Market St

Epitome District - The large buildings containing stores below and housing above form their own unique district on one end of Elm St. People in these areas have very quick access to the center of town, and all probably have fairly similar living situations in the tall buildings with many individual apartment units.

- Elm St and Market St seem to provide the fronts for the town. While not on the outskirts, everything major seems to happen along these two main roads and when the city first began they were the main ways to get to everything important, and everything else expanded from there.

Strips - While there is the main strip along Elm St. there are also mini strips in some of the alleys between buildings with their own sets of small shops.

Beats - Some of the shops and restaurants are completely unique to Greensboro, such as Natty Greene's. This restaurant has a history with the rest of the city, and is good enough that I received recommendations to eat there when I first arrived at college.

Stacks - There are many large parking decks downtown. They are very practical as the city needs to hold a lot of people on a daily basis, and stacking the cars is more space-efficient than using a large amount of surface area for a flat parking lot. It also makes all of the vehicles less visible and keeps them out of the way.

Sinks - The small alleyways in between some buildings form sinks. Some are empty, although one in particular actually served as a drainage area to clear water from the building rooftops.

Turf - The large government complex chose to take up a lot of extra space in comparison to the buildings in the center of town. There is a large courtyard out front with lawns and trees. It looks a bit nicer, but takes up a lot of space in order to separate itself from other places with extra turf.

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