Friday, November 20, 2009

My Education, My Plan: getting from here to there

I intend to study at UNCG for all four years of my undergraduate degree. Freshman year will be mainly general education business courses, as it has been this semester. Spring 2010 is also mainly general business prerequisites. I am taking a somewhat heavy course load with 17 and 18 credit hours freshman year. As long as I van handle the work load I will be taking as many credit hours as possible per semester since I did not have any prior to college. Sophomore year I plan to take the two semesters of Spanish that I am required for a business degree. I also plan on starting biology in order to get a minor in biology by the time I graduate. These fields of study will be helpful to me in the area of business I wish to pursue. During the first few years I hope to get as far ahead as possible so that I can travel Junior year. I am considering a study abroad semester in the fall of 2011 in Argentina. I figure that South America would be a good place to go because I do not have any other means to get there than through school, and it would work well with the Spanish language classes that I have taken since middle school.

After my study abroad session I plan on taking a little time off to travel while I am still in college and before I have to get a real job. If I work hard enough beforehand and maybe take a few summer classes I'm hoping that I can manage to graduate on time even with taking a full semester off from UNCG. I would like to go spend some time working and riding in New Zealand. I few of my friends have done it already and said it was an amazing experience, and they can set me up with the same sort of situation they had. This seems like the best time to travel, because after graduation I will be expected to get a full time job and start supporting myself even more than I do already.

After returning from my worldly travels I expect to come back to UNCG to finish my degree by completing whichever courses are necessary to get the correct amount of credit hours to graduate. These will probably be mainly business courses that are more major-specific, as well as a few last biology courses to help me achieve that minor. Whether this takes two or three semesters does not really matter to me, as long as I can manage a degree in the area I wish to enter the job market - business administration. As long as I remain diligent in my work habits and stick to some sort of plan, this should work out the way I'd like it to.

I do not plan to attend any education after college, but would rather jump straight into the job market and try to start earning some money. After college my living expenses will increase, so I will need to find a more reliable source of income than I have now. I have travelled a lot already and have begun to grasp a fairly accurate view of the world, at least I think I have. My past experiences have already made me fairly well equipped to navigate the world around me, even when in an unfamiliar setting. My college education is meant to refine my business skills and ability to direct others. This education will hopefully help me get a job, and later develop a reasonable career.

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