Sunday, November 15, 2009

Big Field Trip - Open Space

Battleground Park is placed on the located on a Revolutionary War battle site. There are many monuments to distinctive figures, such as Joseph Morehead, William Hooper, John Penn. The largest monument by far however is of Nathanial Greene, for whom Greensboro is named. These are all very representative of the values of the area, and show how important this site was to the War.

The fact that this area was left as open space instead of being developed into a continuation of the rest of the town shows some of the values of the Greensboro organizers. It is very important to have some undeveloped area that is open to the community. This space is ideal for families to go to in order to get away from the city if they desire. There are bike and walking trails, which are great for outdoor exercise and many people were using them to walk their dogs. The space allows a healthier alternative to many people's daily living situations. There is fresh air and natural light, that those people living in apartments may not have adjacent access to. There are informational signs at the entrances that might be helpful for tourists in the area, which would be very beneficial to the town for extra revenue.

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