Friday, December 4, 2009

Final Paper

There are many aspects of a person’s identity that can affect how they are able to, as well as how they choose to, move about the world around them. I am affected in my movement by many things including my age, gender, race, nationality, and personality traits. I am limited in the places I can go in America because although I am legally an adult, but am still considered too young for certain privileges in this country. Being female makes it harder for me to travel certain places alone, and causes a lack of respect in certain areas of the world. Being white gives me more ability to move in some places, simply because race matters more in other countries. My own personality is also as valuable to my travels as anything else that I am unable to control, simply because I am confident and sociable, which makes it easy to make friends and get help if I need it. All of these aspects of my identity have helped determine my ability to travel as much as I already have, as well as the multiple opportunities presented to me to travel all over this country as well as the rest of the world in the future.

To be able to view all parts of America, it is really necessary to be at least 21 years of age. This is how old a person must be to enter casinos as well as other businesses. Bars are off limits because of the presence of alcohol, and making my way around Las Vegas would not be nearly as interesting as it could be if I were just a few years older. This restriction by the US government puts some limits on my movements within the country, but at least they are only temporary and will no longer be in the way in a few years. My age is also something that many adults older than myself take into consideration when I am travelling. People older than myself are still very inclined to help me if I need it, and this makes it very easy to make my way through busy places, such as airports, with ease. This is an advantage during my travels, and not something I mind at all, but as well will probably not last forever.

In other nations women are considered second-class citizens, and so that makes travelling by myself difficult at times. In South Africa the girls on the team were all made aware quite early on that travelling alone at night was not safe. Every girl would find a man to walk with them to check on horses, and walking in the city without a man present was not a very smart idea. My gender can put great limitations on my movement at times, and can definitely make things more dangerous for me in certain places. While I am not too worried about my safety in most cases, at times I am definitely more cautious about where I am as well as what company I am keeping while moving around from place to place. It also helps me put into perspective the ability of other women to move throughout their surroundings.

Although quite sad, there is the undeniable truth that certain races have an easier time in this world currently. My race allows me to feel fairly safe while travelling, because in many nations that is the race of the people in power. I am not worried about being discriminated against, and the sad truth is that crimes against whites often have a much lower tolerance that those against minorities. Being American also gives me a definite advantage in many places. Since America is so powerful as a nation, I am automatically granted at least some respect in most areas. It is also nice to be able to go almost anywhere and find that many people speak English. The lack of a language barrier makes travelling very easy, and many countries have and English requirement in school so that many people can communicate easily. Both of these factors, neither of which I am able to control, make movement across the world very easy for me, and put me at an undeniable advantage compared to many other people.

Lastly, but certainly not the least important, are my own abilities that I am fully in control of, that help me travel and move throughout my surroundings and across the world, are my own personal traits that I have acquired over time. I am resourceful and logical, so instead of panicking in unfamiliar situations I am able to think clearly and find a solution to any problem I might have. I am sociable and able to go meet people and make friends quickly, who undoubtedly help me move safely in other countries. I am able to communicate my thoughts clearly, both verbally and in writing, which although is not often thought about regularly, it is something that will often make a strong impression on people, and will help my future movement both in travel as well as in my career. While I have not always been as confident or capable as I am now, I aim to at least maintain the capabilities I have now or improve upon my social skills in the future.

There are many things about me which can affect my movement wherever I may go. Some of them may help me along, and some may hinder my movements. Some are things that will change, while others will remain constant throughout my life. There are also some aspects which I have absolutely no control over, and some which I have most of the control. I have learned to work with the advantages I have because I really love to travel, and wish to continue the expansive movement around the world that I have already attempted to set in motion. I have many opportunities to move in nearly any direction I please, and I hope to take advantage of as many of these opportunities as I possibly can.


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